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Let the experiences of our guests, artists, and attendees speak for themselves. Here are some heartfelt testimonials that highlight the memorable moments and meaningful connections made at Vietfest events.
We might be biased. Hear it from our partners, guests and attendees.

“This is the first time it has been organized, but I see that the organization is meticulous. It is a meaningful place that encourages, trains, and nurtures talent, bringing filmmakers closer to the audience and connecting them with international colleagues.”

Award winning Japanese director, MONSTER, HIFF 2024 Director Symphony

“It is an honor to participate in the first Ho Chi Minh City International Film Festival. I thank the wonderful team at HIFF for inviting me to judge the First or Second Feature category. This festival has been very impressive. Over the past few days, I have been delighted to work with my colleagues on the jury as they are very friendly and open. I have made many new friends during this festival. The competing films vary in style and are all very unique, making it difficult to choose one over another as each film has its own special qualities.”

Academy Award winner, WHIPLASH, JURY OF HIFF 2024

“I believe the film festival organized many meaningful events. I am confident that this festival, or the film industry in Ho Chi Minh City, will play a leading role in advancing the development of Vietnamese cinema.” “I also hope that the Vietnamese film industry will assume a leading role that other Southeast Asian countries can look to and emulate for collective development.”

Busan Film Festival co-founder and festival director

“I am very impressed with this film festival. Through the activities, I see that Vietnam has strong human resources, with many young people studying in the film industry who possess good knowledge and filming techniques. Therefore, I think this contributes significantly to film production. If given the chance, I would come to make films in Ho Chi Minh City. I will also introduce Vietnam to my colleagues in South Korea so that they can come here to collaborate on filmmaking. I believe that the future of Vietnamese cinema will be very promising.”

KIM jee-woon
Award winning South Korean director, A TALE OF TWO SISTERS, SPECIAL GUEST OF HIFF 2024

“I am overwhelmed; I did not expect the film to receive this award. I am very happy. The film festival was very well organized. As a filmmaker, I felt warmly welcomed. The organizers always ensured that filmmakers and their films were appropriately valued. This is very important for filmmakers. The organizers took great care of us. It has been a very memorable experience for us.”

Sheron Dayoc
Film Director – “Gospel of The Beast” – Golden Star Ward – HIFF 2024

“This film festival brings many benefits to countries. There have been several American films made in Vietnam. I am very hopeful that more Hollywood filmmakers as well as those from other film industries will want to come to Vietnam to make films, work with Vietnamese talent, and conduct business. There is a lot of potential for cooperation between our two countries.”

Marc Knapper
U.S. Ambassador to Vietnam

How do you evaluate the quality of HOZO 2022, which just took place in the middle of December? – From the bottom of my heart, I can only say “so wonderful!”. I find that in everyone in the Organizing Committee, even though the schedule is very tight, I don’t seem to see anyone looking angry or tired, everyone maintains a positive energy. Even like my new Vietnamese friend – an event volunteer – you are still young, this is your first time working at such a big festival. Even though she told me, “I’m very worried”, she took care of everyone very well and also helped me with a great hairstyle.

American singer-songwriter and musician known for “Holding On,” “So. Good.,” and “Smile.”

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